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1 Photo Sri Pradeep Kumar MalikRegistrar General Details...
2 Photo Sri Shashi Bhushan Prasad SinghRegistrar (Vigilance) Details...
3 Photo Sri Vijai Anand TiwariRegistrar (Administration) Details...
4 Photo Sri Rajneesh Kumar SrivastavaRegistrar-cum-Secretary, Patna High Court Legal Services Committee Details...
5 Photo Sri Dipankar PandeyRegistrar I.T.-cum-C.P.C, Patna High Court Details...
6 Photo Sri Amitava ChoudharyRegistrar (Appointment) Details...
7 Photo Sri Pradeep KumarRegistrar-cum-Principal Private Secretary
8 Photo Sri Akshay Kumar SinghJoint Registrar (List), Patna High Court Details...
9 Photo Sri Krishna Pratap RanaJoint Registrar (IT), Patna High Court Details...
10 Photo Shahab KausarOfficer on Special Duty, Patna High Court Details...
11 Photo Sri Sushil Kumar DixitO.S.D. (Infrastructure) Details...
12 Photo Sri Pranaw ShankarO.S.D. (Judicial Officer),Chief Justice's Secretariat, Patna High Court Details...
13 Photo Sri Kumar Amit ManuJoint Registrar (Establishment) Details...
14 Photo Ms. Meetu SinghI/C Registrar (Recruitment & Appointment) Details...
15 Photo Sri Dadhich Narayan BhardwajJoint Registrar (Judicial), Patna High Court Details...
16 Photo Ms. Rachna ShrivastavaAdditional Registrar, Juvenile Justice Secretariat, Patna High Court, Patna Details...
17 Photo Sri Narvadeshwar PandeyMember Secretary, Bihar State Court Management System, Patna High Court Details...
18 Photo Sri Deelip KumarJoint Registrar
19 Photo Sri Sanjay KumarJoint Registrar
20 Photo Smt. IlaJoint Registrar
21 Photo Sri Anil Kumar SinghJoint Registrar
22 Photo Sri Shambhoo PandeyJoint Registrar
23 Photo Sri Sunil Kumar TiwariJoint Registrar-cum-Additional Principal Private Secretary
24 Photo Ms. Divya MitaResearch Officer, Juvenile Justice Secretariat, Patna High Court, Patna Details...
25 Photo Sri Ravi RanjanO.S.D. (Computerization), Patna High Court Details...
26 Photo Sri Arjun KumarDeputy Registrar
27 Photo Sri Arun KumarDeputy Registrar
28 Photo Sri Praveen Wilson HerbertDeputy Registrar
29 Photo Sri Jai Kumar SinghDeputy Registrar
30 Photo Sri Md. Aslam JawedDeputy Registrar
31 Photo Sri Shamshad AhmadDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
32 Photo Md. Enamul HaqueDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
33 Photo Sri Jahangir AlamDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
34 Photo Sri Hasibur RahmanDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
35 Photo Sri Sanjay PrasadDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
36 Photo Sri Pawan KumarDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
37 Photo Sri Bimlanshu Kumar SinghDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
38 Photo Sri Upendra KumarDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
39 Photo Sri Shashi BhushanDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
40 Photo Sri Mundrika ChauhanDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
41 Photo Md. Parwez AlamDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
42 Photo Sri Pradeep SrivastavaDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
43 Photo Sri Avinash Kumar SinhaDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
44 Photo Sri Manish Chandra VermaDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
45 Photo Sri Shashi Kant MishraDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
46 Photo Sri Krishna Chandra JhaDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
47 Photo Sri Praveen Kumar PathakDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
48 Photo Sri Pankaj KumarDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
49 Photo Sri Prabhakar AnandDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
50 Photo Sri Narendra KumarDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
51 Photo Sri Jagdish Prasad RewaniDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
52 Photo Sri Vishwambhar Kumar PandeyDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
53 Photo Sri Ajit Kumar VatsDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
54 Photo Sri Syed Sarwar AliDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
55 Photo Sri Kundan SharmaDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
56 Photo Sri Rajesh KumarDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
57 Photo Sri Harish Kumar SinghDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
58 Photo Sri Mahesh Kumar ChaudharyDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
59 Photo Sri Saurabh KumarDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
60 Photo Sri Kanchan Kumar SinghDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
61 Photo Sri Uday Shankar PrasadDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
62 Photo Sri Rabindra Kumar TrivediDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
63 Photo Sri Parmanand KumarDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
64 Photo Sri Mahesh Kumar RoyDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
65 Photo Sri Sanjeev KumarDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
66 Photo Sri Satyendra Kumar SinghDeputy Registrar
67 Photo Sri Kaushal Kishore TripathyDeputy Registrar
68 Photo Sri Brajesh KumarDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
69 Photo Sri Krishna Kumar SinhaDeputy Registrar-cum-Sr. Secretary
70 Photo Sri Prakash Chandra DasDeputy Registrar
71 Photo Sri Manoj Bihari SinghDeputy Registrar
72 Photo Sri Dipankar NavenduDeputy Registrar
73 Photo Sri Manoj Kumar SinhaDeputy Registrar
74 Photo Sri Manoj Kumar MishraDeputy Registrar
75 Photo Sri Sheo Gee PandeyDeputy Registrar
76 Photo Sri Binay RanjanDeputy Registrar
77 Photo Sri Amit DayalDeputy Registrar
78 Photo Sri Niraj KumarDeputy Registrar
79 Photo Sri Jitendra KumarDeputy Registrar
80 Photo Sri Brij MohanDeputy Registrar (Translation)
81 Photo Sri Neel MoniDeputy Registrar (Translation)