In light of the resolution passed in the Chief Justice's Conference held on 9th and 10th March, 2006, the then Hon'ble the Chief Justice, Patna High Court, was pleased to constitute the Committee to monitor the conditions and functioning of the remand/observation homes established under Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 (erstwhile). The Juvenile Justice Monitoring Committee does not only exercises administrative supervisory control over the CCIs and JJBs/CWCs/CCs but also functions as friend, philosopher and guide for them. The main objective of the JJMC is as follows:-

1.   To ensure the establishment of institutions/ authorities/ units as specified under the Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act, 2015 and the Rules framed thereunder, such as -

• Inspection Committee (s) and Monitoring Authorities for Institutions

• Child Welfare Committees (CWCs) for a district or a group of districts

• Juvenile Justice Boards (JJBs) for a district or a group of districts

• State Child Protection Society

• District Child Protection Units

• Special Juvenile Police Units in every district

• Child Welfare Police Officer

• Designated juvenile police officers in every police station

• Juvenile Justice Fund

• Registration of Child Care Institutions (CCIs) under the JJ Act.

2.  To Seek and evaluate a quarterly report from the District Judges on the pendency and disposal of cases under The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015; The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act), 2012

3.  To ensure the disbursement of Victim Compensation Funds to the Child victims or u/s 357 of Cr.P.C or under any other Central/State Govt. scheme for the same.

4.  To ensure the annual submission of reports of Social Audits of the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) and Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) for the purposes of monitoring its implementation.

5.  Administrative and judicial supervision of the functioning of child care institutions and Juvenile Justice/Care forums.

6.  To ensure basic amenities- physiological, nutritional, educational, recreational, mental, psychological, medical, etc.- meant for the inmates of the Homes in commensuration to the child rights and needs for their well-being.

7.  To ensure proper and timely legal attention/intervention to the needy children.

8.  To ensure Re-integration/ Rehabilitation of the children at the earliest as per their need and requirement.

9.  To act as a link between the Hon’ble Supreme Court Juvenile Justice Monitoring Committee and the JJBs/ CCs/CWCs/Family Court for effective and speedy implementation of legal/administrative guidelines/directions.

10.   To ensure better coordination between the Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Bihar and JJBs/CWCs/ CCs for the best interest of the children in CCIs.

11.   To conduct, in coordination with State Legal Services Authority or State Commissions for Protection of Child Rights, sensitization and training programmes and periodic refresher courses for police officials, prosecutors, judicial officers, members of CWCs and JJBs, Probation Officers, and other child rights institutions and authorities

12.   Compile and collate data and information for research by the dedicated team to bring about new concepts and approach towards child rights/issues.

13.   To monitor the adoption proceedings under the J.J.Act,2015.

14.   To monitor the establishment of child friendly courts and vulnerable witness courts in each district.

15.   To frame policy and seek the implementation of same for the benefit of children.