About Us


         Bihar Judicial Academy has been established on the recommendations of the Shetty Commission with the aim and to impart training to inter alia the Judicial Officer of State to improve Judicial Administration and other matters incidental thereto. The Bihar Judicial Officers Training Institute, now the 'Bihar Judicial Academy' was established in the year 2003. It was inaugurated by the then Hon'ble the Chief Justice Sri Ravi Swaroop Dhavan of Patna High Court in the gracious presence of Smt. Rabari Devi, the then Chief Minister of Bihar.
         The old building of Bihar Judicial Academy is situated at the bank of river Ganges but the accommodation here is not sufficient. Therefore, Construction of new building was found essential in an area of about 5 acres near to the present building.
         The New Campus of Bihar Judicial Academy is situated at Gaighat, Patna comprising Lecture Halls, Tutorial Halls, Conference Hall, Auditorium, Library, Judges’ Hostel with 155 Hostel rooms for the participants and research scholars, V.I.P. Rooms and Suits, residential block, parking space, gardens etc. The New Building was formally inaugurated on 12th of March, 2016 by Hon’ble Mr. Justice T. S. Thakur, the Chief Justice of India in the august presence of Hon’ble Shri Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Dipak Misra, Judge, Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble Mr. Justice F.M.I. Kalifulla, Judge, Supreme court of India, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shiva Kirti Singh, Judge, Supreme court of India, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Iqbal Ahmed Ansari, the Acting Chief Justice, Patna High Court -cum- Patron-in-Chief of Bihar Judicial Academy, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Navaniti Prasad Singh, Judge, Patna High Court-Cum-Chairman, Bihar Judicial Academy and other Hon’ble judges from various High Courts.
         The Bihar Judicial Officers Training Institute (now Bihar Judicial Academy) ever since its inception in the year 2003 has been organizing and conducting different various education / training programmes to enhance the professional and judicial capability of Judicial Officers and staff attached with the Court System of this state as a Justice provider.
         The institute is engaged in developing education programmes to provide effective training to Judges of sub-ordinate Judiciary with the purpose of enhancing the confidence, efficiency and capacity of the trainees besides sharpening their skill and attitude.
         A Judge is always under public gaze. It is important and essential for every Judge to be in the best of everything. Judicial Officers have to rise up to the expectations of common man by delivering quick as well as quality justice which must conform to the constitutional mandate.
         Judges are required to be learner Judges so that they can be really learned Judges. Mammoth growth in the shape and size of justice delivery system has further necessitated the requirement of a trained judge who can act with basic similarity within the system and achieve the goal earmarked. Judicial skill, knowledge of law, management of Court, techniques to be applied, and the end product coming out of the process of Justice delivery system are the important areas in which the academy has to operate with vision. Transparency in the system is the key word for winning the faith of each and every one of the society. Continuous introspection and self-restraint by the judiciary at every level can help the system to meet the aspirations of people of India under the constitution of India.