Call Letter for written test for promotion to the post of District Judges(Entry Level)
through 11th Limited Competitive Examination for the year 2019-20
RollCandidate NameDesignationDownload Admit Card
1 Sri Shubh Nandan Jha Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Arwal Download
2 Sri Rakesh Kumar II Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Buxar Download
3 Sri Prem Chandra Verma Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Hajipur Download
4 Sri Raj Kumar Choudhary Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Bhagalpur Download
5 Sri Nand Kishor Ram Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Munger Download
6 Sri Chandra Mani Kumar Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Gopalganj Download
7 Sri Ravindra Kumar Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Sheohar Download
8 Sri Thakur Aman Kumar Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Begusarai Download
9 Sri Abhay Srivastava Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Saharsa Download
10 Sri Shree Prakash Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Bettiah Download
11 Sri Bijay Kishor Singh Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Patna Download
12 Sri Sudhir Kumar Sinha Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Motihari Download
13 Sri Sanjay Singh Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Sheikhpura Download
14 Sri Rajendra Kumar Sinha Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Katihar Download
15 Sri Chandra Bir Singh Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Siwan Download
16 Sri Amit Kumar Pandey Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Nawadah Download
17 Sri Sharad Chandra Kumar Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Khagaria Download
18 Sri Manoj Kumar Srivastava Sub Judge-Cum-C.J.M., Jamui Download
19 Sri Shree Ram Jha Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Lakhisarai Download
20 Sri Vivek Rai Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Supaul Download
21 Sri Lallan Kumar Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Madhubani Download
22 Sri Ram Sujan Pandey Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Sheohar Download
23 Sri Surendra Kumar Mishra Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Bhabhua Download
24 Sri Arvind Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Aurangabad Download
25 Sri Sanjeev Kumar I Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Madhepura Download
26 Sri Md. Salim Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Banka Download
27 Sri Santosh Kumar Gupta Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Biharsharif Download
28 Sri Alok Kumar Pandey II Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Sasaram Download
29 Ms. Anupam Kumari Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Darbhanga Download
30 Sri Rajesh Pandey Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Sitamarhi Download
31 Sri Ajay Kumar I Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Jehanabad Download
32 Sri Mukesh Kumar I Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Muzaffarpur Download
33 Kumari Vijaya Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Gaya Download
34 Sri Rajnish Ranjan Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Kishanganj Download
35 Sri Jeetesh Kumar Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Chapra Download
36 Sri Anil Kumar Thakur Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Purnea Download
37 Ms. Akansha Kashyap Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Samastipur Download
38 Sri Anand Kumar Singh II Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Araria Download
39 Sri Gaurav Anand Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Motihari Download
40 Sri Divesh Kumar Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Rosera Download
41 Sri Jeetendra Kumar I Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Kishanganj Download
42 Sri Praveen Kumar Singh Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Nawadah Download
43 Sri Prabal Dutta Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Bhagalpur Download
44 Sri Sanjay Kumar Rai Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
45 Sri Pawan Kumar Shukla Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Sheohar Download
46 Sri Anwar Shamim Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Begusarai Download
47 Sri Prabhakar Jha Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Biharsharif Download
48 Sri Deepanshu Srivastava Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Madhepura Download
49 Sri Avinash Kumar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Bagaha Download
50 Sri Subhash Chandra Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Muzaffarpur (E) Download
51 Sri Rajeev Ranjan Singh Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Muzaffarpur (E) Download
52 Sri Rajeev Ranjan Raman Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Lakhisarai Download
53 Sri Dhiraj Kumar Bhaskar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Banmankhi Download
54 Sri Nitin Kaushik P.O.,Labour Court at Dalmianagar Download
55 Sri Bipin Bihari Rai Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Munger Download
56 Sri Santosh Kumar Jha Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Katihar Download
57 Sri Madhukar Singh Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Bhabhua Download
58 Sri Sanjeev Kumar II Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Araria Download
59 Sri Brij Kishore Singh Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Dumraon Download
60 Sri Anand Biswas Dhar Dubey Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Sasaram Download
61 Sri Vivek Bhardwaj Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Gaya Download
62 Sri Vivekanand Prasad Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Sheikhpura Download
63 Ms. Rumpa Kumari Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Bhagalpur Download
64 Sri Jyoti Prakash Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Sitamarhi Download
65 Sri Atul Kumar Pathak Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Muzaffarpur (E) Download
66 Sri Raghvendra Vikram Singh Pramar Law Officer, Governor Secretariat, Patna Download
67 Sri Satish Kumar Jha Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Begusarai Download
68 Sri Uma Shankar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Sasaram Download
69 Sri Abhishek Ranjan Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Patna Download
70 Sri Sandeep Agnihotri Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Muzaffarpur Download
71 Sri Ratneshwar Kumar Singh Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Patna Download
72 Sri Ravi Kumar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Patna Download
73 Sri Dharmendra Kumar Tiwari Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Buxar Download
74 Ms Rashmi Prasad Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Patna City Download
75 Sri Ghanshyam Singh Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
76 Sri Javed Alam Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Darbhanga Download
77 Sri Nishit Dayal Registrar, Bihar Land Tribunal, Patna Download
78 Sri Brijesh Mani Tripathi Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Danapur Download
79 Sri Sandeep Singh Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Gaya Download
80 Sri Pankaj Chouhan Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Siwan Download
81 Sri Abhishek Kunal Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Shahpur Patori Download
82 Sri Dwijendra Kumar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Rosera Download
83 Sri Amit Kumar Dixit Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Motihari Download
84 Sri Ashish Mishra Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Chapra Download
85 Sri Deepak Kumar II Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Benipur Download
86 Sri Pritam Kumar Ratan Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Benipatti Download
87 Sri Shukun Kumar Manjhi Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Gopalganj Download
88 Sri Ranjeet Kumar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Samastipur Download
89 Sri Dhirendra Kumar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Araria Download
90 Sri Rajeev Kumar Bharti Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Manjhaul Download
91 Sri Nishant Kumar Priyadarshi Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Siwan Download
92 Sri Samarendra Gandhi Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Gogari Download
93 Ms Saroj Kirti Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Saharsa Download
94 Sri Devesh Kumar Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Jamui Download
95 Sri Randhir Kumar Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Chapra Download
96 Ms. Gayatri Kumari Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Gaya Download
97 Sri Krishna Kumar Choudhary Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Arwal Download
98 Ms. Ranjula Bharti Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
99 Sri Amit Kumar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Danapur Download
100 Sri Subash Kumar Roy Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Banka Download
101 Ms. Niharika Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Patna City Download
102 Sri Shaktidhar Bharti Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
103 Sri Sukul Ram Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Patna Download
104 Sri Deepak Kumar III Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Darbhanga Download
105 Sri Kumar Kaushal Kishore Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Biharshairf Download
106 Sri Sushant Ranjan Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Motihari Download
107 Sri Manoj Kumar V Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Bikramganj Download
108 Sri Mahavir Prasad Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Jamui Download
109 Sri Sadan Lal Priyadarshi Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Sitamarhi Download
110 Sri Dev Priya Kumar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Belsand Download
111 Sri Anil Kumar Ram Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Nawadah Download
112 Sri Chhedi Ram Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Sasaram Download
113 Sri Ambika Prasad Choudhary Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Gopalganj Download
114 Sri Jeetendra Kumar II Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Siwan Download
115 Sri Rakesh Kumar Rajak Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Jehanabad Download
116 Sri Shashi Bhushan Kumar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Jamui Download
117 Sri Pradeep Kumar Choudhary Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Supaul Download
118 Sri Ravi Shankar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Samastipur Download
119 Sri Mithilesh Kumar Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Jagdishpur Download
120 Sri Krishna Gopal Registrar, Bihar State Legal Services Authority, Patna Download
121 Sri Kumar Dhirendra Rajaji Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Bettiah Download