Call Letter for written test for promotion to the post of District Judges(Entry Level)
through Limited Competitive Examination for the year 2017-18
RollCandidate NameDesignationDownload Admit Card
1 Sri Shatrughan Singh Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Banka Download
2 Sri Jai Ram Prasad Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Bettiah Download
3 Sri Narendra Prasad Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Madhubani Download
4 Sri Satya Narain Ram Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Motihari Download
5 Sri Pankaj Mishra Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Begusarai Download
6 Sri Vijay Krishna Singh Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Hajipur Download
7 Sri Vishwa Vibhuti Gupta Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Gopalganj Download
8 Sri Rajendra Kumar Tripathi Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Samastipur Download
9 Sri Dhananjai Kumar Singh Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Arwal Download
10 Sri Upendra Kumar Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Biharshairf Download
11 Sri Ravi Ranjan Mishra Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Supaul Download
12 Sri Dhirendra Mishra Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Jehanabad Download
13 Smt. Arti Kumari Singh Sub Judge-cum-C.J.M., Muzaffarpur Download
14 Sri Sandeep Mishra Legal Advisor in Bihar State Housing Board, Patna Download
15 Sri Ajit Kumar Mishra Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Barh Download
16 Sri Rajesh Singh Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M. Gopalganj Download
17 Sri Praveen Kumar Singh ‘Shreenet’ Sub Judge I-Cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
18 Sri Shree Prakash Mishra Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Motihari Download
19 Sri Md. Gyasuddin Sub Judge, Dhamdaha Download
20 Sri Prabhat Trivedi Sub Judge, Manjhaul Download
21 Sri Shiv Prasad Shukla Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Bhabhua Download
22 Sri Narendra Kumar Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Ara Download
23 Sri Rakesh Mishra Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Buxar Download
24 Sri Sanjay Kumar II Sub Judge, Vaisi (Purnea) Download
25 Sri Satyanarayan Sheohare Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Bettiah Download
26 Sri Sanjay Kumar III Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Muzaffarpur (E) Download
27 Sri Sushil Kumar Dikshit Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Madhubani Download
28 Sri Md. Anayat Karim Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Darbhanga Download
29 Sri Krishna Mohan Tiwary Sub Judge, Patna Download
30 Sri Akhilesh Kumar Singh Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Piro Download
31 Sri Dashrath Mishra Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Samastipur Download
32 Sri Vinay Prakash Tiwary Sub Judge I-Cum-A.C.J.M., Madhepura Download
33 Sri Shubh Nandan Jha Sub Judge, Banmankhi Download
34 Sri Surendra Prasad Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
35 Sri Umesh Kumar Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
36 Sri Prem Chandra Verma Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
37 Sri Shiv Kumar Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Saharsa Download
38 Sri Prakash Paswan Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Supaul Download
39 Sri Raj Kumar Choudhary Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Darbhanga Download
40 Sri Subhash Oraon Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Aurangabad Download
41 Sri Akshay Kumar Singh Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Darbhanga Download
42 Smt. Rajani Kumari Sub Judge I-Cum-A.C.J.M., Begusarai Download
43 Sri Rajeev Kumar II Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Madhepura Download
44 Sri Chanchal Kumar Tiwari Sub Judge I-Cum-A.C.J.M., Munger Download
45 Sri Ashutosh Roy Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
46 Sri Nishikant Thakur Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Madhepura Download
47 Sri Nitish Kumar Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Muzaffarpur (E) Download
48 Sri Sakal Deo Ray Sub Judge, Ara Download
49 Sri Nand Kishor Ram Sub Judge, Benipur Download
50 Sri Chandra Mani Kumar Sub Judge, Bakhari Download
51 Sri Shashikant Roy Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Patna Download
52 Sri Sudhir Sinha Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M, Jehanabad Download
53 Sri Md. Rustam Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Bhabhua Download
54 Sri Ashok Kumar Gupta III Sub Judge I-Cum-A.C.J.M., Nawadah Download
55 Sri Santosh Kumar Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Aurangabad Download
56 Sri Sumit Ranjan Assistant Registrar, Bihar State Legal Services Authority, Patna Download
57 Sri Deshmukh Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M, Sheikhpura Download
58 Sri Abhishek Kumar Bhan Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Sasaram Download
59 Sri Shailendra Kumar Sharma Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Sasaram Download
60 Sri Gaurav Kamal Sub Judge, Muzaffarpur (W) Download
61 Sri Uday Pratap Singh Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
62 Sri Amit Ranjan Upadhyaya Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Gaya Download
63 Ms. Noor Sultana Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Sonepur Download
64 Sri Pranaw Shankar Sub Judge, Ara Download
65 Sri Anand Kumar Singh I Presiding Officer, Labour Court, Patna Download
66 Sri Javed Ahmad Khan Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Nawadah Download
67 Sri Brijendra Kumar Rai Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Sasaram Download
68 Sri Dinesh Kumar Pradhan Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Aurangabad Download
69 Sri Vikash Singh Sub Judge, Motihari Download
70 Sri Suryakant Tiwary Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Muzaffarpur (E) Download
71 Sri Rajeev Kumar III Under Secretary-cum-Deputy Legal Remembrancer, Law (Judicial) Deptt., Govt. of Bihar, Patna Download
72 Sri Rakesh Kumar III Sub Judge, Ara Download
73 Sri Satya Prakash Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Jagdishpur Download
74 Sri Navin Kumar Thakur Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Muzaffarpur (E) Download
75 Sri Manish Dwivedi Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Gopalganj Download
76 Sri Ravindra Kumar Sub Judge, Begusarai Download
77 Sri Ashutosh Kumar Upadhayay Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Aurangabad Download
78 Ms. Anju Singh Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Sasaram Download
79 Sri Umesh Kumar Sharma Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Katihar Download
80 Sri Thakur Aman Kumar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Begusarai Download
81 Sri Ajit Kumar Singh Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Patna Download
82 Ms. Pratibha Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
83 Sri Vinay Shankar Deputy Director, Bihar Judicial Academy, Patna Download
84 Sri Sunil Kumar II Under Secretary-cum-Deputy Legal Remembrancer, Law Deptt., Patna Download
85 Sri Kamlesh Chandra Mishra Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Supaul Download
86 Sri Umesh Mani Tripathi Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Muzaffarpur (W) Download
87 Sri Rakesh Kumar Singh III Sub Judge, Ara Download
88 Sri Balendra Shukla Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Gopalganj Download
89 Sri Raja Ram Santosh Kumar Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Barh Download
90 Sri Virendra Kumar Choubey Sub Judge, Benipatti Download
91 Sri Neeraj Kumar I Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Gaya Download
92 Sri Yogesh Sharan Tripathi Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Bettiah Download
93 Smt. Kheyati Singh Law Officer in Health Department, Govt. of Bihar, Patna Download
94 Sri Kumar Gunjan Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Patna Download
95 Smt. Jyoti Kumari Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Sitamarhi Download
96 Sri Kumar Amit Manu Sub Judge, Araria Download
97 Sri Brajesh Kumar Pathak Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Danapur Download
98 Ms. Kalpana Srivastava Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Gaya Download
99 Sri Suresh Kumar Srivastava Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Siwan Download
100 Sri Ashutosh Kumar II Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Munger Download
101 Sri Bhupendra Singh Sub Judge, Motihari Download
102 Ms. Rachana Raj Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Hajipur Download
103 Sri Rahul Kumar Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Naugachia Download
104 Sri Kumar Rishikesh Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Dalsingsarai Download
105 Sri Anurag Kumar Tripathi Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Chapra Download
106 Sri Bipin Kumar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Teghra Download
107 Sri Sanjeev Kumar Rai Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Nawadah Download
108 Sri Suvash Chandra Sharma Sub Judge, Gopalganj Download
109 Sri Rajeev Nayan Sub Judge, Patna Download
110 Sri Ravindra Kumar Rai Sub Judge, Buxar Download
111 Sri Kamla Prasad Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Bettiah Download
112 Ms. Anandita Singh Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Aurangabad Download
113 Sri Ashutosh Khetan Sub Judge, Darbhanga Download
114 Sri Sanjeev Kumar Singh Sub Judge, Hajipur Download
115 Sri Prabhat Krishna Sub Judge, Hajipur Download
116 Sri Arun Kumar II Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Barsoi Download
117 Sri Rajesh Kumar Tripathi Sub Judge, Buxar Download
118 Sri Kailash Joshi Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Dumraon Download
119 Sri Devanand Mishra Sub Judge, Motihari Download
120 Sri Ravi Ranjan O.S.D.(Computerization), Patna High Court, Patna Download
121 Sri Puneet Malviya Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Sasaram Download
122 Sri Aditya Suman Sub Judge, Gopalganj Download
123 Sri Sunil Kumar Singh II Sub Judge, Supaul Download
124 Sri Basant Kumar Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Chapra Download
125 Sri Sanjay Kumar Singh II Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Gaya Download
126 Sri Sanjay Kumar Mishra Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Biharsharif Download
127 Sri Ashutosh Pandey Sub Judge –I-cum A.C.J.M., Bhagalpur Download
128 Sri Avinash Sharma Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Buxar Download
129 Sri Abhay Srivastava Sub Judge, Sasaram Download
130 Sri Sandeep Kumar Mishra Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Bhabhua Download
131 Ms. Reshma Verma Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Danapur Download
132 Sri Piyush Kumar Srivastava Sub Judge, Danapur Download
133 Sri Prabhat Kumar Srivastava Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Bhabhua Download
134 Sri Satya Priya Anand Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Poopri Download
135 Sri Rakesh Kumar Tiwary Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Madhubani Download
136 Ms. Rachna Srivastava Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Muzaffarpur (E) Download
137 Sri Sanjay Priya Sub Judge, Chapra Download
138 Sri Neeraj Kumar II Sub Judge, Uda-kishunganj Download
139 Sri Ved Prakash Modi Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Chapra Download
140 Sri Awdesh Kumar Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Purnea Download
141 Sri Pathak Alok Kaushik Sub Judge, Biharshairf Download
142 Sri Syed Qamrul Hassan Rizwi Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Madhubani Download
143 Sri Neeraj Kishore Under Secretary-cum-Deputy Legal Remembrancer, Law Deptt., Patna Download
144 Sri Sanjeev Kumar Pandey Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Muzaffarpur (E) Download
145 Sri Rajendra Kumar Pandey Sub Judge, Chapra Download
146 Sri Narendra Pal Singh Sub Judge, Siwan Download
147 Sri Sunil Kumar Choubey Sub Judge, Sasaram Download
148 Sri Kumar Madhvendra Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Patna City Download
149 Sri Akhauri Abhishek Sahay Sub Judge, Siwan Download
150 Ms. Namita Singh Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Patna Download
151 Sri Prashant Kumar Jha Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Purnea Download
152 Ms. Sachi Mishra Sub Judge, Patna Download
153 Ms. Sulekha Jha Sub Judge, Bhagalpur Download
154 Sri Anand Kumar Srivastava Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Siwan Download
155 Sri Subir Kumar Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Chapra Download
156 Sri Rajesh Kumar Dwivedi Sub Judge, Darbhanga Download
157 Sri Shree Prakash Sub Judge I-cum-A.C.J.M., Khagaria Download
158 Sri Atul Veer Singh Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Bhagalpur Download
159 Sri Atul Kumar Singh Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Chapra Download
160 Sri Afzal Alam Sub Judge, Bhabhua Download
161 Sri Ankur Gupta Sub Judge, Siwan Download
162 Sri Rajesh Kumar Verma Sub Judge, Buxar Download
163 Ms. Divya Vasishtha Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Samastipur Download
164 Sri Ashutosh Kumar Singh Sub Judge, Ara Download
165 Sri Prashant Kumar Sub Judge, Bhagalpur Download
166 Sri Sharad Chandra Srivastava Sub Judge, Motihari Download
167 Sri Md. Manzoor Alam Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Biharshairf Download
168 Sri Amit Kumar Singh Sub Judge, Ara Download
169 Sri Dadhich Narayan Bhardwaj Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Sikrahana Download
170 Sri Sankash Chandra Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Muzaffarpur (E) Download
171 Sri Sanjay Kumar IV Sub Judge, Gaya Download
172 Sri Sunil Kumar Singh III Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Patna Download
173 Sri Lakshmi Kant Mishra Sub Judge, Motihari Download
174 Sri Ranvijay Kumar Sub Judge, Katihar Download
175 Sri Ranjan Kumar Mishra Sub Judge, Bhagalpur Download
176 Sri Sunil Kumar III Sub Judge-cum-A.C.J.M., Katihar Download
177 Sri Rajiv Ranjan Sahay Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Samastipur Download
178 Sri Bijay Kishor Singh Sub Judge, Supaul Download
179 Sri Amit Raj Sub Judge, Sasaram Download
180 Ms. Rashmi Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Madhubani Download
181 Sri Raghubansh Narayan Sub Judge-Cum-A.C.J.M., Munger Download
182 Sri Abhijit Kumar Sub Judge, Patna Download
183 Sri Brajesh Kumar Sub Judge, Gopalganj Download
184 Sri Om Prakash VI Sub Judge, Patna Download