Our Resources

Efficient and Knowledgeable trainers who can impart effective judicial training for judges are not easily available. Judges appear to be disinterested in repetition of university curriculum for the purpose of training. Perhaps, judges relish and require judicial training and not bare legal training. They want to have effective tools in their armory for the purpose of dispensing justice and arriving at an ideal adjudication stage. 
     This institute has the privilege of having following knowledge resource persons.

  • Hon'ble Judges of the Supreme Court
  • Hon'ble Judges of the High Court
  • Hon'ble resource persons from the National Judicial Academy
  • Legal luminaries
  • District and Sessions Judges
  • Advocates of eminence
  • Faculties of Universites
  • Academicians
  • Administrative officers
  • Police Officers
  • Experts from medical colleges
  • Experts from Forensic science laboratories
  • Experts from NGOs / Social Activists
  • Experts from the field of Socio-legal fraternity
  • Experts from the field of Psychology
  • Experts from the field of Science
  • Experts from the field of Accounts
  • Other eminent personalities.
     Hon'ble faculty members are requested and invited as guest faculties.
     Presently, there is no permanent faculty member save and except the members of Directorate who render their services as faculty members also.


       Induction Training:
Bihar Judicial Academy has arranged Induction Training Programme for the newly appointed Civil Judge (Jr. Div.) of 26th, 27th, & 28th Batch. Total period of training at Academy and practical training (field) runs up to one year in break up.

       In-Service Training:
Refresher and Orientation Courses are conducted on selected topics of law for in-service judicial officers of all categories in the subordinate judiciary. The Hon'ble Judges of the High Court, Senior Judicial Officers, eminent lawyers and subject experts address the officers on selected topics of law followed by a discussion and interaction. The Academy also invites the feedback from the participants so that it could enable itself to be more efficacious and diversified leading to ensure dispensation of quality Justice.

Time to time the academy also organizes Seminars/Workshops for different stakeholders under the proper and useful guidance of Hon'ble Judges of Patna High Courts.

       Extra Curricular Activities:
1. Computer Training:- The Academy coaches the awareness of the computer through computer experts/officer of the High Court.
        2. Management Skill Development:- The Skill development programmes for time management, docket management, case management and court management are also included in the curriculum.

      Training for Ministerial Staff of Lower Courts:
Academy conducts regular training programme for the Ministerial staffs of Lower Court in different groups. Detailed syllabi of the aforesaid training have been evolved by the Academy.