Bihar Judicial Academy is having two campuses- one at Gaighat near the Bank of River Ganga and other opposite to Patna City Civil Courts- both in Gulzarbagh.

  • Training Class-room / Conference Halls/ Hostel Accommodations:-
    Old Campus
    Infrastructure Numbers
    Lecture Hall (Capacity 200) 1
    Lecture Hall (Capacity 50) 1
    Hostel Beds 5 x 3 = 15
    New Campus
    Infrastructure Numbers
    Lecture Hall (Capacity 75) 2
    Tutorial Room (Capacity 30) 4
    Auditorium (Capacity 275) 1
    Yoga Hall 1
    Conference Hall 1
    Double bed Hostel rooms 155 (310 beds)
    V.I.P. Rooms 3
    V.I.P. Suits (1BH) 9
    V.I.P. Family Units (2BHK) 4
  • Library :-
    The new Campus of Bihar Judicial Academy is having rich library with valuable law books and other useful journals. Apart from Statutes, Legislations, Law Commission Reports, Commentaries, Autobiographies following periodical Law Journals are also available at the Academy:-
    • All India Reporter
    • U.S. Supreme Court Cases
    • All England Law Reports
    • Privy Council Judgements
    • Criminal Law Journal
    • Supreme Court Cases (Criminal)
    • Bihar Law Journal
    • Patna Law Journal Reports
  • Teaching Tools:-
    The Academy has facility of interactive classes with high tech. audio-visual system both in Lecture Halls and Auditorium
  • Transport facility:-
    The Academy has its own small vehicles for transportation of resource persons and a Winger to ferry trainees as and when required.